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Our quality means your success

Whether you manufacture corrugated cardboard, offset products, paper honeycombs or other high-value paper products: As a Trebsen customer, you and your preferences and needs take centre stage. This is why we assign a designated, personal contact to your company – one of our team of professionals who handles your orders with expertise and efficiency.

We take care of your projects entirely in the spirit of a partnership-based business relationship – our aim is to work together with you, to help you achieve your goals creatively and efficiently.

You benefit from superior and reliable service, and you will consistently receive the highest-quality paper. We guarantee that we will satisfy your needs for reliable consistency, high product availability, on-time shipment and seamless processing.

This approach means you can stipulate the most sophisticated, diverse specifications, because we can offer you the widest range of paper types, grammages and reel widths. Flexibility and innovation are always the standard benchmarks of our business transactions.

Topliner, Kraftliner substitute, Testliner 1,2,3,4

Substitute for semi-chemical Fluting, high-performance Fluting, Medium, Chip

Fluting suitable for deep freezing, mold-resistant and fungus-proof, flame-retardant, greaseproof, moisture-resistant, anti-corrosion

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